Our client had initiated discussions with the Local Government with a view to subdividing his land. The information he received convinced him that professional help would be required if he was to make this happen, so he engaged our services.


  • Subdivision application

Our role

  • Liaise with the Council, WA Planning Commission, Dept of Parks & Wildlife, Dept of Water & Environment            Regulation

  • Design, prepare and lodge subdivision application

  • Negotiate outcomes acceptable to the client and the Gov’t Agencies involved in the approval process

  • Sourcing and organizing specialist consultants to address:

    • Bushfire impact

    • Civil Engineering (servicing issues and drainage)

Challenges faced

The site adjoins the Southern River and the clients house on the river side of the subdivision road system. In addition the riverside portion of the property was affected by a categorized wetland area. The Local Government wanted only parkland (POS) in that location. Our client wanted to retain his home. Through carefully justified arguments and meetings with various senior staff at the Dept of Planning (WAPC) and Council, we were able to negotiate an outcome where he retained his home and his desired yield of 19 vacant lots.