Austral Brick’s existing quarry at Cardup was reaching exhaustion. They needed to extend into another part of their landholding on the other side of the road. The land needed to be rezoned, re-subdivided, the road re-aligned and a Development Application and Extractive Industry License obtained.


  • Scheme Amendment

  • Subdivision application

  • Development application

  • Extractive Industry License

  • State Administrative Tribunal review

Our role

  • Liaise with Council and WA Planning Commission staff

  • Prepare the Scheme Amendment application

  • Attend Council meetings

  • Design prepare and lodge subdivision application, including road re-alignment

  • Follow through subdivision approval to completion

  • Prepare and lodge development application

  • Act as expert witness at the SAT

  • Sourcing and organizing specialist consultants to address:

    • Safe road re-alignment options

    • Visual impact of proposal

    • Environmental impacts

    • Specialist representation at the SAT

Challenges faced

This application addressed almost every aspect of Planning. These had to be co-ordinated as the failure of one would potentially jeopardize the success of others. As is common in applications such as this, there was strong opposition from nearby landowners, and this opposition was supported in part by the Council, resulting in approval conditions that were impractical and threatened the production of bricks. Achieving an appropriate approval was critical for our client and the building industry. We were able to deliver the approvals needed.