Anthea Park is a 26 lot residential subdivision adjoining a freight rail line. It forms part of a precinct requiring the preparation of a Structure Plan prior to subdivision occurring. The Structure Plan had to cover 32 separate land holdings.


  • Structure Plan

  • Subdivision applications

  • Satisfying conditions of subdivision approval

  • State Administrative Tribunal applications for both the Structure Plan and subdivision application

Our role

  • Liaising with Council, WA Planning Commission and individual landowners within the Structure Plan area

  • Organizing and presenting at public meeting

  • Design, prepare and lodge Structure Plan and follow through to approval

  • Design, prepare and lodge subdivision applications

  • Make presentations to Council meetings representing client

  • Preparing the case in support of the Structure Plan and subdivision application and representing the         client at the State Administrative Tribunal

  • Sourcing and organizing specialist consultants to address:

    • Civil Engineering

    • Drainage

    • Noise and vibration caused by freight rail

    • Geotechnical assessment

    • Bushfire impacts

Challenges faced

Only one of the 32 landowners affected by the Structure Plan sought to actively pursue the process. Some objected to it and others were not opposed but not actively involved. Keeping them informed of the process and its impact on them was always challenging. Achieving the outcome of completed subdivision via two SAT reviews was particularly gratifying for us and our client.