Helena Valley Views is a 128 lot residential subdivision fronting the Helena River. Statewest Planning was engaged by the owners to work through the process to take the land from rural paddocks to a completed residential development.


  • Rezoning under the Metropolitan Region Scheme

  • Rezoning under the Shire of Mundaring Local Planning Scheme

  • Structure Plan

  • Subdivision approvals

  • Satisfying conditions of subdivision approval

Our role

  • Liaising with the Council, WA Planning Commission, Dept of Aboriginal Affairs, Dept of Parks and Wildlife, Western Power

  • Preparing applications for rezonings (MRS & LPS)

  • Formal presentations to Council

  • Design, prepare and lodge Structure Plan and follow through to approval

  • Design, prepare and lodge subdivision applications

  • Sourcing and organizing specialist consultants to address:

    • Drainage

    • Civil Engineering

    • Bushfire impacts

    • Aboriginal heritage

    • High voltage overhead powerlines

    • Landscaping

Challenges faced

This site was not identified as an urban area. It consisted of rural paddocks, with high voltage overhead power lines traversing the site and the Helena River floodplain taking up a significant portion of the site. As it adjoined the River itself it was also a site of heritage significance to indigenous people. The project required extensive and sensitive negotiations with a range of parties.