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Simon O'Hara
Owner, Director and Principal Planner

Simon O’Hara is the Owner, Director and Principal Planner at Statewest Planning. With over 37 years working in his profession he has a wide range of experience.

After 15 years working in Local Government (Gosnells, Bayswater, Wanneroo and Mundaring) Simon entered private practice as a consultant with Statewest Surveying and Planning in Midland in 1997.

Simon specializes in projects in the eastern region of the Perth metropolitan region and through the Avon Arc. His success is based on establishing good working relationships with all sectors of government and private enterprise, and understanding the various roles of individuals within those sectors.

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Jason Hunt
Senior Planner

Jason Hunt is a Senior Planner at Statewest Planning. He commenced here in January 2018 arriving from a private property development company where he worked as their in house Planning Professional for 7 years.

Prior to that Jason managed wine and hospitality businesses with multiple venues in both Perth and the South West. This experience also included the opening of new venues and engagement with regulatory authorities at both Local and State levels through this process.

Jason’s experience is in residential and commercial land development having been involved in multiple projects from initial client purchase through to delivery of titles to sales agents.


In 1978, Brian Hunt established a Town Planning & Surveying business at 69 Great Northern Hwy,

Midland. Shortly after that the business was re-branded Hunt and Rogers – Surveyors and Planners.
In the mid 1990’s the business was again re-branded, as Statewest Surveying and Planning, reflecting
the wider geographical range covered by the business.

In 1997 Simon O’Hara joined the company to expand the Planning capability at a time when property
development was growing. The business grew, as the industry did, to four Planners and a team of

Simon became an owner in 2007 as Brian stepped back, reduced his workload and responsibilities, and
freed up time to pursue other interests.

In 2012 the Surveying and Town Planning branches of that business separated as the property
development industry grappled with rapidly changing policies and practices from Government Agencies
that increased the distinction between the two professions. The Town Planning component was re-
branded as Statewest Planning

Both businesses are still operating out of the same premises, after 40 years.